Credits and Acknowledgements

This program was made possible by Applied Geometrics Incorporated; the concepts and theories presented are based on knowledge and expertise acquired over the last 30 years. AGI would like to thank the following people who have shared their understanding of GD&T and dimensional management with us along the way.

Mr. Lowell Foster of Lowell Foster & Associates, Inc.; for his contribution to our education and to the manufacturing world in general.

Mr. George Pruitt of Technical Documentation Consultants, Inc.; for his mentoring in the proper use of GD&T.

Mr. William Tandler of Multi-Metrics, Inc.; for his development and production of the illustrative models and concepts used in this presentation.

All the members and supporters of the ASME Y14.5 and related committees for their tireless dedication to developing and continually improving standardized technical communication.

Mr. Donald J. Tworek of Applied Geometrics, Inc. without whom none of this production would have been possible.

AGI would like to thank the following companies for their technical assistance and extraordinary effort in making this production a success.

Swanton Video Media, Inc.

Bolder Image, Inc.

Wheeler Multimedia Consulting, Inc.

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